Writing Without Tears with Thara Shenoy

Learn how to prepare your child to write better!

As a parent, every game you play, and every minute you spend with your little one, can be made engaging and effective to improve your child’s skills.

Writing Without Tears by Thara Shenoy takes you into the world of writing.

A program designed to enable you to help your child be ready for life’s learning journey.

Joan - Writing WIthout Tears

“I run a preschool and always on the lookout for knowledge. Thara’s workshop was totally worth it. If you are a parent or an educator, this workshop is gold.


“Your content was much simplified and loaded with too much of knowledge. And I’m running out of words to appreciate your way of teaching.


“Writing without tears was the first online session I attended by Thara, and it totally blew my mind! They say knowledge is power, and that’s what I felt.


“It was an eye opener for me! His preschool is pushing him towards tracing I am helping him to build his hand just because of your session.


The Program

5 Days; 5 Minutes a Day
Activities to Improve Writing Skills
Jumbo worksheet pack (printable)

Preview Before You Decide

Day 1: Part 1Gross Motor Skills

Improve the large muscles
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Bonus!
Day 1: Part 2
Fine Motor Skills
Develop smaller muscles
Day 1: Part 3
Eye-Hand Co-ordination
Improve co-ordination and response
Day 1: Part 4
Activities for foundational skills
Day 2: Part 1
Space and Direction
Spatial perceptiopn, Directionality
Day 2: Part 2
Activities for foundational skills
Day 3: Part 1
Sensory Organs
Sensory feedback, Orthographic coding
Day 3: Part 2
Activities for sensory skills
Day 4: Part 1
Visual Perception
Eye-brain Co-ordination
Day 4: Part 2
Motor Planning
Remmeber small steps…
Day 4: Part 3
Activities for visual…
Day 5: Part 1
Hand Dominance
Preference of using…
Day 4: Part 2
Motor Planning
Remmeber small steps…
Day 5: Part 3
Activities for Dominance and…
Bonus 1
Jumbo Worksheets
100+ printable worksheets
Bonus 2
Live Q&A
Live Q&A with Thara Shenoy
Bonus 3
One to One Support
Parent mentor support

This program is for you if

Your child is less than 6 years
Your child refuses to practice writing
Your child struggles to write
Your child's handwriting needs to improve

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, ‘writing without tears’ is for you!

What do you get?

A better understanding of early age writing
Know when your child is ready to start writing
Understand the foundational skills needed for writing
Core writing development techniques


Spend just 5 minutes a day
Lifetime Access
Learn with the community
Personalised answers
Writing Without Tears - Totto Parents App
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Just ₹999 (Rs. 1999)
Writing without tears

Meet your Parenting Expert!

Thara Shenoy

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Pediatric feeding therapist, Trained in Infant Craniosacral Therapy

Thara Shenoy completed her Bachelors of Occupational Therapy from Manipal University in 2009. After graduating, she worked in for 2 years, dealing with special children with Autism, Downs syndrome, C.P, ADD, Developmental delays, and related issues. She worked in a special school for more than 8 years dealing with these special kids. She has helped 10000+ children and parents to get through a better developmental journey! Thara has been running the ‘Writing without tears’ program for 4 years and has served 10,000+ parents.

Questions you might have!

What is the 'Writing Without Tears' Program?

Writing without tears is a 6-day program to help parents to address early age writing. With this course, we aim to make children fall in love with writing. This course will touch upon all the foundational skills that aid in writing, activities to encourage these foundational skills, the importance of pre-writing skills. It also gives an insight into when is your child ready to right, the ideal grasp, and its development.

Where do I take the course? Is this a WhatsApp-based course or a Live workshop?

This is not a WhatsApp-based course or Live session. Instead, we have designed the weekly “micro-learn” format that fits naturally into your parent’s work-life.

Once you enroll, you will download the Totto Parents App where you can access the course in our “micro-learn” format. From the starting date, you will be able to view the videos, one day at a time. You will receive notifications for each day’s video and other learning tasks/activities that accompany them.

Why this weekly “micro-learn” format? How much time do I have to spend each day?

In the micro-learn format, content is delivered in short focused bites. Five to eight minutes. One bite at a time for a limited number of days.

This format also allows you to watch/listen to it at your convenience – without disturbing your daily workflow! And you will have practical solutions or activities to do and experience each day that can ultimately solve the problem you’re facing.

Can I not attend a webinar or watch it all together in one day?

How much do you remember from the last time you took a session? Maybe 5% of the whole session?

The most important aspect of the micro-learn format is this – it is scientifically proven to increase retention by up to 75%. In contrast, after attending a 2-hour webinar, you would have forgotten 75% of the information by the end of a week, even if you have taken notes!

Naturally, at the end of the week, you will have access to all the videos. And you can watch it together or return to any day’s video as many times as you want. This might be better than watching a 2 or 3-hour-long recording for reference later.

Is 5 minutes a day really enough?

The 5-minutes-a-day are time you will need to set aside each day to get all the information. We have taken extra care to design the program in a crisp and easy way to accommodate the content into very short videos. 

This will also include ideas and tips for practical activities you may try while spending time with your child. It works out well if you are a parent who is able to spend at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with your child every day.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course on the Totto Parent’s App. As long as you’re on the app, you can return to any day’s video as many times as you want. 

Even more valuable is that you can use the discussion form (the comments section) to ask your doubts and get clarifications from the Totto Parent Mentor or course facilitator – even months after you’ve completed the course.

What else do I get apart from the video lessons?

Free printable, cheat sheets, etc depending on the accompanying activities. For example, a worksheet printable for writing practice.

Free one-to-one mentor connects – to discuss specific parenting issues. 

Course-specific give-aways – like a book, or bonus videos.

How do I know if this is the right course for me? I am confused.

We can help you find it out! Talk to our parent happiness associate or chat with us. Share your areas of concern and see if this is the right course for you. 

Use the website chat box to chat with us.

Why should I enroll with Totto over other’s offerings for similar parent programs?
  1. Totto programs are certified. Totto’s content and approach have been audited and rated for “Excellent” pedagogic quality & learner engagement by world-renowned educators at Education Alliance Finland(EAF). Our new course creators and content are held up to those global standards.
  2. Lifetime access. The app allows you lifetime access to these courses, and all future courses, along with so many more free parenting tools and information. Unlike WhatsApp or social media-based sources of information, you have it all in one place without distractions!
  3. Totto’s programs feature the best experts in the space to design and deliver the program for you. We believe the best knowledge comes with experience and our hundreds of parenting experts have thousands of years of combined experience to help you in the best way possible. Totto programs are easy to consume. We do not demand you to spend hours on a screen at a time that we ask you to. Very short durations. Your convenience. 
Who is conducting the courses from Totto?

To create the Totto micro-learn courses, we collaborate with parenting experts and professionals with a proven record of bringing positive change in parenting. We have a set of 100+ parenting experts who associate with us from across the world. We have selected experts among the group who create courses with us.