Stress-free parenting in 7 days

How to handle tantrums in children? Sandra Thomas in conversation with a parent mentor, Seema Anand to explore the reasons why Tantrums occur and tips and tricks to deal with them. 

1. Why do tantrums happen?
2. How to react to tantrums?
3. How to avoid tantrums?

Special early bird pricing! Just ₹999 (Rs. 1499)
Tantrum tamer with Sandra Thomas

This program is for you if:

  • You have a child less than 6 years old
  • You are tired of managing constant tantrums.
  • You are looking for strategies to handle tantrums better.

What do you get?

We promise you will have a better and stress-free parenting life after this program!

  • You will have the tips and tricks to handle tantrums 
  • You will learn simple tricks to apply to avoid tantrums in children.
  • Know exactly what to do the moment a tantrum hits.
  • Develop effective skills to prevent and minimize tantrum behavior.
  • Feel confident in your ability to set loving limits for your child and to begin helping them develop the emotional resilience they need.

Most importantly, a healthier and happier relationship with your child! 

Special early bird pricing! Just ₹999 (Rs. 1499)


Spend just a few minutes every day
At your own pace and time
Learn with the community
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Program Summary

Part 1: Introduction

  • Day 1: Why do Tantrums occur, Types of tantrums, The good side of tantrums 

Part 2: Reacting to Tantrums

  • Day 2: The Switch: Staying calm when kids show tantrums 
  • Day 3: The Connect: What should be your immediate reaction during a tantrum? 
  • Day 4: Connecting after tantrum. How to reach and communicate after a tantrum? 

Part 3: Avoiding Tantrums

  • Day 5: Tips and tricks to avoid ‘Transition Tantrums’ 
  • Day 6: Avoiding ‘Power Play Tantrums’ – How to avoid power struggles 
  • Day 7: The Magic Ratio – Improving the relationship between you and your child 
Meet Your Host!

Sandra Thomas

Actor, producer, mother of twins. Sandra is here representing all parents.
Meet Your Totto Expert

Seema Anand

Parenting coach and mentor. 15+ years with children and parents.
Special early bird pricing! Just ₹999 (Rs. 1499)

What others are talking about the program

Tantrums are a Breeze

Sminu A

I feel more relaxed after attending the Tantrum Tamer Course!
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Nimi Nair

The communication between me and my daughter improved!
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The Totto Mentorship is like therapy! It has helped me with ways to deal with my child's tantrums.
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Questions you might have!

What is the Tantrum Tamer Program?

Tantrum tamer by Sandra Thomas is 7 day program helping parents to address tantrums. This mini-course touches upon why tantrum occurs, helps you understand the reasons behind tantrums, types of tantrums, the proven methods of dealing with tantrums, how to avoid tantrums, and how to improve your relationship with your child.

How can I join the course? Is it paid?

The Tantrum Tamer program is exclusively available on the Totto Parents App. You can join the program here and download the app to start the course.

How long will this course take?

We have built the course for busy parents!

Overall the course should take 7 days, with a new video to assist you every day.

  • Each day, the content takes just around 5 minutes.
  • You will get ONE actionable item that you can do with your child on that day.
  • Share your experiences with the community and get expert answers.

You can do all these at any time of your convenience!

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