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Children's Day 2021Children's Day with Totto!

Dress, dance and let’s party! This children’s day let’s all join together for loads of fun together

Dress Code – Mix and match.. Let’s make this children’s day a little fun!

1: Meet the _______ .. – Shhhh it’s a surprise! Let’s make a clown face –

Materials required
– White paper plate/ a medium sized white circle cut  out( size of the child’s face
– A coloured triangle cut out for the clown cap
– Coloured pom pom /Coloured paper balls or any decorative items ( medium size)
– Red and black poster paint
– Paintbrush

2: Musical Chair

Amma, Appa, Daada, Daadi, Bhaiyya, Didi – invite anyone you want for this fun game

(Kindly keep few chairs ready for this game)

3: Now it’s time to make some yummy Hot Chocolate milk

Materials required:
– 2 teaspoon sugar
– 1 teaspoon of chocolate powder
– A small glass of warm milk
– An empty glass

Parents, please keep a plate of cookies, sandwiches or any snack too!

4: Let’s end this fun day with a dance

There are gifts to be won as well! Post the pictures on social media and stand a chance to win special gifts! Details to be shared during the program!

Nov 11, 2021 - 5.00PM to 6.00PM
Online! Zoom Call

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    Children's Day 2021
    Children's Day 2021
    Children's Day 2021

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