Ensure School Readiness

Make your child school-ready in 6 months! For age 4.5 to 6

Spend just 20 minutes per day to get your child school-ready! No online classes; no recorded videos – only fun activity-based learning. Completely flexible to your timing!

  • Created in alignment to recommendations in NEP
  • Certificate of completion with evaluation report
  • One-on-one guidance from a Totto early learning expert to get a customized learning plan for your child.
Totto Nurture

What do I get?

Totto Learning Pack

6 Activity Packs

Shipped to you, one every month with activities, learning toys, stories, and more
Totto Features - Personalised Care

Your Totto Mentor

An experienced early learning expert, to support you and personalize the program for you
Totto Learning Pack

Evaluations and Certification

Professional evaluation, both every 3 months to gauge the developmental stages of your child. Certificate of completion.
Totto@Home Expert Sessions

Expert sessions and consultations

Sessions and consultations by experts in child development, psychology, nutrition and more.
Totto Learning Pack - Extras

[BONUS] Extra Curricular Sessions

Music, storytelling, dance, arts, yoga and more!
Totto@Home - Personalised care

Personalised Care for your Child

Your child is unique. We customize the program based on your child's needs and interests.

What do we cover?

  • Readiness for academic learning – literacy and numeracy
  • Readiness for change in everyday situations and routine
  • Readiness to transition to a different learning environment (than home)
  • Readiness for independent functioning in a different social setting
Physical well-being and Motor development
  1. Learn to apply general safety rules to a variety of everyday situations.
  2. Begin to regulate personal needs for nutrition, activity, and rest with a few reminders.
  3. Consistently uses mature tripod grip with drawing/writing tools
  4. Improved eye-hand coordination to perform daily self-care activities like brushing, combing, pouring water etc
  5. Co-ordinate gross motor movements(of hands/legs) to kick or throw a ball with aim and accuracy
Social and Emotional development
  1. Increased engagement in games involving turn-taking and cooperation.  
  2. Begin to exhibit values like empathy, kindness towards familiar and unfamiliar people
  3. Gains ability to understand and regulate the expression of one’s emotions 
  4. Begin to enjoy self-initiated interactions with peers and grown-ups
Language Development

Listening & speaking skills

  1. Understands and follows simple directions
  2. Listens to a book for 3-5 minutes without interrupting
  3. Speak and reply in simple sentences
  4. Narrate and retell familiar stories and events
  5. Describe a picture or event in 3 to 5 sentences

Reading & Writing skills

  1. Identify at least 18 (up to all 26) letters of the alphabet
  2. Differentiate between capital and small case letters
  3. Read 200-300 familiar words 
  4. Decode sounds and syllables in unfamiliar words
  5. Guided writing of familiar words, names, etc
  6. Write or create simple messages, like happy birthday, or thank-you notes
Cognitive Development

Scientific Thinking and Inquiry

  1. Classify and sort materials in their surroundings by properties like living/non-living, natural/man-made etc
  2. Predicts multiple outcomes to a question or situation and explains with reasoning
  3. Gains the ability to gather information or experiment to verify a prediction
  4. Begins to use familiar tools and materials to produce a desired result or solve a specific problem

Mathematics and Reasoning

  1. Learn to count up to one hundred by ones and tens.
  2. Counts forward from a given number.
  3. Identify and write numerals up to 20
  4. Solves addition and subtraction problems within ten
  5. Copy or draw symmetrical 2D shapes
  6. Create own patterns, fill in missing elements of simple patterns
  7. Arrange and sort objects by two or more features, and give their own reasoning
  8. Make logical estimates of size/volume and use measurement tools to check estimation.
Approaches to Learning
  1. Be more involved and enthusiastic in daily-life activities
  2. Exhibit curiosity and initiative to learn what is of interest to them
  3. Nurture imagination and play in day-to-day interactions 
  4. Improves focus and engagement in learning tasks assigned to them
Creativity & Expression

Music and movement

  1. Recall a simple movement pattern and perform it individually or in a group.
  2. Create simple rhythm patterns and control pitch when singing a familiar song.

Visual Arts

  1. Use a combination of real and imaginary visual props or characters to retell a story
  2. Create art to represent an idea/object, or to express their feelings

Featured Totto Mentors

Seema Anand - Totto Mentor

Seema Anand

15+ years experience in early learning, parent coaching, and mentoring.

Ramya Menon - Totto Mentor

Ramya Menon

10+ years in Early Learning. Ex Teach For India. Parent coach

Pavithra VS - Totto Mentor

Pavithra V S

Business analyst turned teacher. Ex Teach for India, TISS

Sajna Sudhir - Totto Mentor

Sajna Sudhir

Rich experience with early learning and parenting. Artist, art coach.

6-Month Program
Price includes:
- 6 Learning Packs with 100+ activities, worksheets, toys, learning materials and more
- One-to-one mentor support
- 24 Parent Guidance sessions
- 24 Extra-curricular sessions


* Quarterly and Yearly Payment Options
* No Cost EMI Available
* Guaranteed Refunds if you do not like the program

Upcoming Batches:
15th Dec 2021 [FULL]
20th Dec 2021 [Almost Full]
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Totto Learning Testimonial

“I had earlier enrolled my child in other online programs too! However, soon after enrolling him in Totto, I found a stark difference in their approach towards teaching.

Tanya Khanna
Totto Learning Testimonial

“Totto is an amazing decision that I made for my little one. A place which works their best to enhance the brightness in every kid. Thank you Totto.. You hold a great place in our home.

Sruthi Radhakrishnan

Questions you might have!

Does it require too much time commitment from my side?

30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is all that is needed! What’s better? It is completely flexible – you can choose the time! Also, it can be the usual time that you spend with your child!

We totally understand your busy schedule and we have designed the program to make it easier for busy parents like you! We improve the quality of time that you spend!

How is this program different from usual online classes?

In a few different ways!

  1. We provide very limited or zero screen time! The Totto Nurture program is completely experiential, which is what is needed for the age group!
  2. A tailor-made curriculum for the home environment. We do not try to fit the school into the home. Instead, we have designed exclusively for the home!
  3. Lesser time commitment – In an online class, you might have to sit with your little one through the class for 2+ hours! Totto needs only 30 minutes a day!
Can I do the program along with regular school or online classes?


Totto Nurture is designed as a parallel learning program. Totto provides supplementary skills in creativity, life skills, extra-curricular activities, etc to your child which they usually do not get in a school or online class environment.

However, if you would like to replace the school program and do complete homeschooling, you can use Totto that way too! We provide you with additional activities, learning suggestions, customized advice, and more for complete homeschooling!

What if I do not like the program after starting it?

We are sure you and your little one would love it!

However, for some reason, if you would like to discontinue, we will refund the complete amount for the unused months! No questions asked! 

How are you better than other Activity Boxes?

We love this question! 

First of all, though we have a box that we ship to your homes, we are not just an activity box!

  1. The Totto Nurture program is a continuous, year-long series, designed just like the school curriculum, but for the home environment. The Totto Learning Pack is sent to make it easier for you, the parent, and make it more interesting for your child!
  2. One-to-one expert help! Tools help you, but not as much as a real early learning expert does! With the Totto Nurture program, you get a Totto Mentor to guide and support you thought-out.
  3. Customized for your child! Through the Totto Parents App and the Totto mentor, we personalize and customize the program for you and your child! Every child is different and your child is special!
  4. Helps you be more aware! The Totto Parents App has features that help you and your Totto Mentor be better aware of your child’s learning stage and interests!

In short, with Totto Nurture, you and your child get the care, attention, and values of a school, while getting all the benefits of a normal activity box.

Do I get a certificate for school admission?

Yes, you do! 

With the Totto Nurture program, you are in constant interaction with your Totto Mentor and that helps us evaluate the learning stages of your child.

We provide you with not just a certificate, but a detailed report of the milestone achievements as well, which you can use for school admissions.

Is this program certified by any educational board?

Unfortunately in India, we do not have a formal certification process for preschool programs. This is true for all preschools, big and small. Hence, we do not have formal certifications from any educational board.

However, NCERT has published its guidelines for early learning and milestones that need to be achieved for school readiness. We have designed the program based on the guidelines and to ensure that the milestones are met by the time your child is school-age.

Is this program Montessori-based?

Our curriculum is designed grounds up, for the home environment, and varying parenting contexts. Instead of adopting the best school curriculum content or methods for parents to teach at home, we researched the core beliefs and underlying principles that made them the best. From the most sought-after alternative approaches like Montessori or Waldorf. As well as the evolving curricular frameworks and innovations among leading school systems like Finland, Singapore, etc. 

This has helped us evolve a child-centered curricular approach, suited for the home environment. One that views your child as a naturally developing and active learner. And builds upon the parent-child relationship to nurture your child’s natural inclinations towards learning to learn in their early years.  This ensures we are laying a strong foundation for your child’s ability of overall development and growth.

Why is this grounds-up approach important?

Your home environment, and parent-child interaction, IS the origin of your child’s learning experience from the moment they are born. Schooling and formal teaching-learning only build upon it. 

Unfortunately, what happens often is that the methods and content required for schooling are bought back home. Making learning feel like an uphill task and a bitter experience for both child and parent. Nurturing your child’s natural inclination to explore and make sense of the world is the right foundation needed for success in school and life.

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