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Gadget Free Housr 2021 - Totto Learning

14-Day Challenge

Get ready for the #GadgetFreeHour 14-Day Challenge being conducted by ParentCircle in association with Totto Learning.

Gadget Free Hour is an initiative to guide parents and children towards meaningful gadget use, and spend some time together every day without any tech intrusion.

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    Totto Learning - Gadget Free Hour #GadgetFreeHour

    14 Days to Children's Day!

    Know what’s the best Children’s Day gift for your child? A better version of the parent in you!

    14 days; 14 simple challenges to transform the parent in you!

    Join thousands of parents – take the #GadgetFreeHour pledge and participate in the 14-Day Challenge. You’ll get one activity video every day to have fun with your child and transform your parenting style.

    What would you get after 14 days? The joy of connection – you’ll see your child-time become the best time of the day for you and your child.

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    I became a better mom with Totto

    Geethu Agit

    I became a better mom through the Totto Parenting Challenge!
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    Nimi Nair

    The communication between me and my daughter improved!
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    Totto Parenting challenge changed me for the good!

    Aswathy Sajeev

    The Totto Parenting Challenge was tranformational for me! It changed my parenting style for good!
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    Questions you might have!

    What is the 14-Day Challenge?

    The 14-Day Challenge is conducted to give you 14 simple engaging and fun-filled activities for you to do with your children! One simple activity a day! We promise that you will get a few ideas to take away and make your parenting journey delightful!

    Is this a paid program?

    Absolutely not! This is a social campaign and participation in this program will be free of cost. We want to spread the message about the importance of having family time together! The Gadget Free Hour campaign and the 14-Day Challenge are meant to do exactly that! #GadgetFreeHour #14DayChallenge

    How can I contribute to this cause?

    We would love to get all the help! Here are a few ways you could help!

    1. Spread the word! Please post in your social channels and WhatsApp groups about the challenge and the Gadget Free Hour! Use hashtags #GadgetFreeHour and #14DayChallenge while posting! Visit Parent Circle to get posters and pictures that you can share.
    2. Volunteer – Would you like to volunteer to run the challenge in your company, apartment community, school, club, or other groups? Please write to us at [email protected] or call us at +91 97784 28801 and we will help you out!
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