Cuddle Prenatal with Dr Kammappa K A

Exclusively gifted by Dr Kammappa K A

With Cuddle Prenatal, we help your transformation as a parent. We help you be happier, smarter, and stress-free! Get expert assistance and personal care at the beginning of your journey as a parent. Because smart parents raise smart kids, happy parents raise happy kids.


Learn from the best experts about everything you need to know as a parent. From childbirth to baby care to self care. The single source that you can trust for authentic knowledge.

Care and Support

One-to-one care and support from a personal mentor and a support squad of professionals. Just a chat away for all your questions and worries. Get a parenting partner.


A stress-free, delightful parenting, guaranteed. Because, the happier you are, the happier your child will be! Transform your parenting journey into a delightful one.


Cuddle PrenatalWhat is Covered?

The Cuddle Prenatal Masterclass

1. Understanding Labor
  1. Signs of Labor – How do you know it is time for labor? 
  2. Stages of Labor – Know what exactly to expect during labor. 
  3. Complications expected – Understand the potential red flags and be prepared. 
2. Preparing for Labor
  1. Mental preparation – How to navigate your emotions and be ready
  2. Physical preparation – Prenatal exercises, yoga and workout plan 
  3. Partner preparation – How can the dad support in the process (exclusive module for the dad)
3. Assistance in Delivery
  1. Common medical interventions during labor
  2. Natural vs Medical Pain management options 
  3. C-section / Anesthesia – What, when, and the impacts 
4. First 24 hours with the baby
  1. Breastfeeding basics – Starting with breastfeeding and common challenges. 
  2. Baby care – Basics of baby care for the first few days. 

Mentor Support

1. Personalised Diet and Exercise Plan

Parental readiness assessment

  1. Answer a few questions
  2. Get a personalized diet and exercise plan
  3. Be better prepared for labour
2. Guidance to Prepare for Delivery
  1. A checklist to help you prepare for the big day!
  2. Actionables that can be done to ease your transition to parenthood.
  3. Tools and printables to help you
3. Get answers to your questions

Any of your parenting questions will be get answered by the experts.

Share your worries, concerns, questions and challenges! Our expert can help you!

Make your first days of parenting awesome!

As a parent, you are taking up a responsibility unlike anything else. 

You are the biggest impact on your child’s life!

Your happiness will be their happiness. Your knowledge will be theirs. Your peace of mind will be theirs. 

You need support. You need care. You need Cuddle

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For the patients of Dr Kammappa K A

What do you get?

A Personal Mentor

An experienced parent mentor to guide you, be with you, answer your queries, and support you. Always a chat away.

The Cuddle Masterclass

Everything you need to know about childbirth, child care, and self-care. Straight from the best experts. With video lessons, reference material, printable tools, meditations and more.

Personalised Action Plans

Get an exercise plan, diet plan, body transformation plan, meditation plan, and more! All personalized and delivered for you! We will help you navigate these months with happiness and delight!

An app for the whole family

Keep track of your child’s progress, get smart suggestions for activities with your child, get smart suggestions for each person in the family, chat with experts and connect with your hospital. All in the Totto Parents App.


Other Cuddle Experts

Pia Mary Abraham - Totto Parent Mentor
Pia Mary Abraham

Counseling Psychologist | Parenting counselor | Mindfulness coach | Speech therapist

Dr Divya Jose
Dr. Divya Jose

MBBS, MS, DNB, MNAMS, MRCOG, FMAS. Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

Nishana Lactation Consultant
Nishana AM

Lactation Consultant CLCC-Certified

Dr Thomas Ranjith
Dr. Thomas Ranjith

Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Dr. Parvathi Sabu, Ayurveda, Lactaiton Consultant, Postnatal Care
Dr. Parvathy Sabu

Ayurvedic physician and Certified Lactation Professional

Dr. Seema Lal

Psychologist,Special Educator, Mental Health Researcher

Bharti Goel

CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator and Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Namrata Sharma

Certified Childbirth Educator from Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)

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