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What is so special about this journal cover. That is what we thought as well! Our thoughts changed when we heard from a parent about her experience. The parent was surprised by her little one when he came running and hugged her all of a sudden. And then she realized that the child had seen...


Friendship is the first step a child takes into a world outside of their family bubble. Our first few friends, be it around the neighborhood or elementary school, pave a way to cherish a garland of memories. Initially, it could be awkward, shy, and very confusing. Then you meet someone who is just as puzzled...


Be it be an adult or child, emotions are often a tricky touchpoint. While you can easily facilitate scientific and mathematical concepts using the sea of resources available, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a rocky pathway as it doesn’t have a cookie-cutter approach.  That raises the problematic question ‘ what can be done to...


The beauty of parenting is that there are multiple styles to it with different approaches to each scenario. Some parents have been lucky to find the magic called balance, where some are too strict or too carefree. However, the separation line between different styles being thin and blurry, it’s advisable to introspect on our parenting...


Parenting is a very fulfilling experience. Remember that smile on your baby’s face, that can be your best reward; their milestones are your achievements. But, let’s all agree on the irrefutable fact that the journey towards that beautiful smile and that developmental milestone is often arduous and tiresome. Every night we tend to sleep, planning...

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