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  Math! Numbers! Equations! If I could name a horror movie, these would mostly be the ones that I might come up with. Number learning for preschool children is often considered an uphill battle! Only if not done right!  Our liking of math and numbers depends a lot on our early age interaction with it....


The frosty ambiance of winter is so enchanting! It makes all of us look for a little warmth, a tinge of cozy surroundings, and memories to cherish. And what could it be? A happy family time, some sparkly decorations, a fairy tale, some unexpected gifts, and laughter? That’s right! Christmas is here! What could be...


“ No, don’t touch that” “No, Don’t beat your brother.” “No, you can’t have ice-cream now.” Ufffff…Do we even realize how many times we say “No” to our kids? Experts say a child hears the word ‘No’  400 times on an average. Wow,that is huge! Let’s face it, even as adults we hate the word...