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  Our personality is a product of a lot of things, precisely a blend of how we are brought up, the memories we pick up on the way and of course, the experiences that we face! Some kids are so easy-going, aren’t they? They have this beaming confidence about themselves when someone asks them to...


Our personality is a product of a lot of things, precisely a blend of how we are brought up, the memories we pick up on the way and of course, the experiences that we face! Some kids are so easy-going, aren’t they? They have this beaming confidence about themselves when someone asks them to interact and within a few seconds, they’re the star of the show right? They ask questions and laugh and these little chatterboxes make it look so effortless don’t they? Everyone knows who they are and they become the typical popular kid. But not every child could be the thief of that spotlight! Here is how you can help your child socialize better. 

Some kids are often shy and awkward. It is hard for them to initiate a conversation or sometimes to even carry on a conversation. They feel out of space and tend to like being alone or only with someone they really trust. Even making eye contact gives them jitters.  They might be loquacious and enthusiastic with their loved ones, but a stranger could easily trigger their shyness.

Being an introvert is not a bad thing. Shyness is pretty ordinary, but then again shouldn’t we all socialize a little to adapt to different surroundings and explore the diversity of life? Especially in the pre-schooling days, wouldn’t it be brilliant if your child could get a little? How about we help you today to have a Lil outgoing vibe prep with your kid by hyping up some self-esteem and awareness?

So here’s a list of things you could do to spice things up a little for your child’s radiant social and emotional growth:

Help your child Socialize

Dramatic Revelation

Who doesn’t like a little drama right? Kids have an amazing imagination, especially at their pre-schooling age, which means it is the perfect time to get some role-playing fun together. Engage with puppets, dolls, and super-hero characters and pretend to be someone else; maybe another superhero, or a Disney princess etc. Give your child a scenario, maybe to play out a scene when their super-hero has to pretend as if he/she is ordinary, or if their shy doll has to act bubbly to get into an imaginary kingdom! How does your little one cope with this change, what modifications does he/she make? Observe these tiny aspects as these will be the stepping stones to make him/her more of a conversationalist.

Heart to Heart talk

There is nothing better to inspire your child than your own playfully embarrassing tales. Children usually tend to make a huge fuss out of little things and get all anxious as if everyone would ridicule them. It is heart-warming for them to know how it’s not that big of a deal and how everyone goes through these awkward phases. Being the guardian, you must be really close to your champ and that’s exactly what will give him/her the assurance. Share more about your experiences, the things that made you sick to the stomach, and the emotions that were way overwhelming. Let him/her know that he/she is not alone in this battle.

Extract the truth

Maybe your child is exploding with words but there is something that is holding him/her back? Maybe he/she needs a little push. And how exactly do we push him/her? By knowing the reality of course! Ask your child the “What” and “Why”. What is it exactly that is holding him/her back? Why does that thing bother him/her so much? It must be a little hard for your child to explain due to all the confusion and awkwardness but hey, it all gets better with the journey right? It’s all about taking that one step.

Practise makes a man perfect

No matter how much we try to prevent or avoid, there are bound to be some inevitable circumstances that we ought to prepare ourselves for. This is an excellent opportunity to try to help your child get out of the sanctuary and into the realm of dauntless change. Prepare your child for a scenario where it’s possible for him/her to get a little uneasy like a crowded event, or maybe a birthday party etc. Talk to him/her about who all could be there, what all could they ask and what all activities would be likely to happen. This awareness will relieve your child from the pressure of a myriad of assumptions.

Get on with Match-making

Time to get your bows and arrows out as it’s your golden chance to play Friendship cupid. Making friends is hard, especially when you’re quiet and not used to being a “take-a-chill-pill” person with new people. And this is when you could be the saviour. Introduce your child to someone of his/her age. Being of the same age, they are likely to have similar thoughts and tastes which could give them a lot of topics to talk about. If the “friend” is a schoolmate or someone from the neighbourhood; even better as they both could often see each other. You can even plan a fun date for the kids! This would help break down those stiff walls and let your child build a friendship based on trust and a lot of fun.

No Stereotyping Please!

Being shy is not a crime but sometimes being called shy could leave a negative impact on children. Such labels would make them think as if there is something wrong with them which would be an absolutely wrong perception as one should be proud of being unique right? You must try your best to not let your child feel as if he/she is a disappointment to you as shy kids tend to overthink more. 

Oh how beautiful it is to be a child! A rollercoaster of emotions, overwhelming nervousness and something new to explore almost every day! Socialising could make it easier. But socialising itself is one hell of a task. Whom to talk to?, What topic to talk about? Will I say something stupid?, Will I be able to find any friends? Damn, all these questions tied up in that anxious knot in the stomach. These days are crucial for the overall emotional, social and behavioural development of kids, so all you can do is try to make it a little easy and relaxed for them and of course, don’t forget to tag along with the fun


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