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‘Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling, or is it the other way around?’ This question has been a constant doubt in our parents’ minds while planning our kid’s education. When we think of “Homeschooling”! The first thing that pops in most minds is kids stuck at home all day. Now, that is what we call...

‘Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling, or is it the other way around?’ This question has been a constant doubt in our parents’ minds while planning our kid’s education. When we think of “Homeschooling”! The first thing that pops in most minds is kids stuck at home all day. Now, that is what we call a myth, and we are here to debunk some of these today.

Homeschooling is quite popular in the USA. In India, it has started gaining popularity in recent years. Parent’s discontent with the academic curriculum in public schools is the main reason for this shift. At this moment, families opting for homeschooling are only a handful. During the COVID era, when most of us are around the clock at home, the homeschooling option is snowballing in India. With gaining popularity, most parents still consider it an alternative for preschoolers, but not beyond. 

Do you know why? Because most of us are in a bubble full of misconceptions about homeschooling in our heads. It is the right time to pop it. So let’s just put an end to 5 such popular myths about homeschooling.


#Myth 1 – Homeschoolers stay at home all-day 

Homeschoolers do not necessarily have to be at home at all. They are the ones who get a generous amount of time to engage themselves in various outdoor activities as they do not have to stick in a classroom for 6-8 long hours. They do not have to wait for the weekend to participate in competitions, visit the park, museums, participate in social communities, or visit their cousin’s or friend’s house. 

They get more time to explore the outer world and learn things differently, in the way that interests them the most. Whether your child is an action lover, art lover, or book lover, they get to decide how much time they want to spend on any activities. There is no need to follow hard-bound timetables.


#Myth 2 – Homeschoolers are socially weird

Another misconception is that homeschoolers spend most of their time at home, and their interaction is limited to the family. So we think (again, it is “we think”) they are uncomfortable socializing. But in reality, they get more opportunities to be around people of all age groups, young to adults. In addition, their training from different sources necessitates them to be around varied people.

People your kid meets in swimming classes are different from those in his Karate classes or drawing classes. They do not have to be with the same 30-40 kids in the same room for 8 hours daily (except the weekends) like in traditional schools. 

I hope now you are getting the difference. Homeschoolers are as capable or more socially comfortable than any other kids at school.


Parent child bonding
Parent child bonding

#Myth 3 – Only educated or privileged families parents can take up homeschooling

Parents do not have to be certified teachers to homeschool their kids. Any parents with a passion for learning with their kids can accomplish homeschooling. At present, there are endless resources available online and offline. In addition, there are communities and social groups to help each other and resolve any queries. If you are willing to put in an effort, you can undoubtedly achieve it. Parents are their best educators for life, from holding a hand to making you walk through life lessons when an adult.

About the privileged one, yes, you do need to get all the resources to teach your kid, but you do not have to pay high annual fees and save on transportation and uniform expenses to the school. It is pretty much the same if you send your child to a conventional school or homeschool.


#Myth 4 – They are academically poor

Statistics have always proven to be the other way around. The percentage of homeschool kids scoring higher is more than in traditional schools. The sole reason behind this is they get to do what they love or interest them. They are more self-disciplined and self-motivated. Thus, they tend to learn without getting bored or feel forced to learn the academic curriculum.


#Myth 5 – Homeschooling Is for stay at home parents

Here is another silly myth. Working parents can also opt for homeschooling. All you need is to plan your day for your kids. With the bounteous availability of training centres for various activities, your presence is a minimum requirement all day. Once you have the list of essential curriculum, you need to make sure they reach the activity venue on time. You don’t necessarily have to be there yourself.

I think it is high time to put this myth to rest once and for all. 

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