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You and your little one must have been involved in countless activities together right? Colouring, scribbling, tasting, smelling, and what not! A wide spectrum of activities does require a large bandwidth of items as well. What if we could have a single item and yet elicit a legion of skills and development? Sceptical huh? Ever...


Hey folks! aren’t you tired of eating the same old dishes and then cleaning up the same old mess? How about trying something new, simple, and well something that would lay off the load of the cleaning routine a little bit? Well, we have the perfect no-cook play dough recipe for you. Playdough is like...


Millions of galaxies and thousands of unrevealed elements of space; the cosmos is indeed a miraculous and astonishing concept, isn’t it? Can you guess something that is even more fascinating? Our own planet, Earth! In the honor of our planet, the world celebrates Earth Day on the 22nd of April every year. So what if...


We at Totto Learning, have a vision of empowering parents with the knowledge, awareness, and tools to effectively engage children at home. ‘Ask Totto Anything’ is a series of sessions hosted by Totto Learning where parents post their questions to us and we get the answers from an expert in the field and post them...


We’re thrilled to share that Totto learning  has been rated “Excellent” by the Education Alliance Finland (EAF). Finland has one of the top education systems in the world, routinely topping international rankings and evaluations. Education Alliance Finland (EAF) evaluates ed-tech products based on standards set by the Finnish educational system. EAF Certification is a huge honour...

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