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The frosty ambiance of winter is so enchanting! It makes all of us look for a little warmth, a tinge of cozy surroundings, and memories to cherish. And what could it be? A happy family time, some sparkly decorations, a fairy tale, some unexpected gifts, and laughter? That’s right! Christmas is here! What could be...

The frosty ambiance of winter is so enchanting! It makes all of us look for a little warmth, a tinge of cozy surroundings, and memories to cherish. And what could it be? A happy family time, some sparkly decorations, a fairy tale, some unexpected gifts, and laughter? That’s right! Christmas is here! What could be more heart-melting than a Christmas expedition! Not to worry, you won’t have to surf through the entire web to find exciting activities and craft; we as your saviors are here! Following is a list of a few activities that would make your winter a cherishing source of nostalgia!


1) The Cotton Ball Santa

The magical materials you will need: Cotton balls, Red pom-pom balls, Two googly eyes, colored paper (red and peach), and glue.

This is one of the simplest crafts that you can make in just about ten minutes.Cut the red paper in the shape of a triangle and the peach paper in a semi-oval shape. This would represent the hat and face of Santa Klaus respectively. Now paste this face at the bottom of the hat. Add the googly eyes and pom-pom balls to the nose. Now all around the vacant face, paste many cotton balls, this would represent the hair and beard for our Santa. Super easy craft wasn’t it?


2) Chivalry and History

The magical materials you will need:  For this activity, you need a bunch of popsicle sticks, some toy animals, and dolls (including a plastic baby).

What is the backstory behind this astounding celebration though? Let your champ know that Christmas celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus. Now we will be building up a Christmas crib. This crib is one of the most noticeable elements at every celebration as the image represents the scenery when Jesus was born. Stack the popsicle sticks together and make three such equal stacks. Glue these stacks (one as horizontal length and two as vertical width) to form an open crib. Now put the toy dolls, animals, and baby in the crib. Talk to your child about Jesus and his glorious birth.


3) Glamorous X-Mas Tree

The magical materials you will need: You would need some popsicle sticks, green paint, and a few decorative items like stickers, glitters, pom-pom balls, etc.

Huge, tall, and lush green X-Mas trees are indeed the highlight of all the Christmas decorations right? How about we make a tiny one together will your child! Align the popsicle sticks in a way that they can be stacked and glued together to look like a triangle. You would need to break down a few sticks as the size of the sticks need to be small, medium and large. Glue the sticks (from smaller to larger). Now paint it green to look like a tree. Paint one popsicle stick as brown and add at the bottom to look like the stem. Let your child take the charge and decorate our beautiful-looking tree!


4) Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Santa Claus

The magical materials you will need: paper plate, red and white paint color, Glue, Cotton Thread.

Not too messy and yet super cute, we have got another craft to build up our Chubby Santa. Take up a paper plate and draw a curve outline horizontally such that the upper half would represent the hat and the lower half would be the face for Santa. Mix up red and white paint color and it would give a shade of peach. Use this color on the down half of the paper plate and red on the upper half. Spot on tiny black eyes and a huge circular red nose. Now, on the outline on the paper plate, let’s glue some cotton threads onto it, also glue some cotton balls or cotton threads around the face to make it look like Santa’s beard. To preserve this craft, add a hole on top of the paper plate and sweep a thread through it. Hang it around your Little one’s room!


5) A Tidy Snowman

The magical materials you will need:  Two paper plates, Glue, Black paper, Googly eyes

The chilly aura of winters escalates too quickly with the advent of snow! Making a snowman is inevitable right? How about making one while seasoning up a little creativity and having fun family time? Take two paper plates (one must be smaller than the other). The smaller plate would be the head and the larger one would be the body. Glue the small one on top of the larger one. You may glue income cotton balls to make it look even goofier. Take a black paper and cut out a triangle/square to look like a hat and paste it on top of the smaller paper plate. Add a tiny orange triangle on the face to look like a nose and a pair of googly eyes. Aww! It must look so adorable! Get in some blankets and watch movies like “Frozen” and “Grinch” together!


6) The Candy Paradise

The magical materials you will need:  Few color paper bits, clay, glitter, pom-pom balls and small decorative mirrors, popsicle sticks.

Festivals are the opportunity for swarming treats and delicious candies. Children don’t focus much on the taste but more on the outlook of sweets. The more colorful, the more attractive they seem. This activity focuses on enriching creativity and imagination as we’re about to make some imaginative candies. Spread out the clay on a flat surface and cut out different rectangular pieces. Now roll these pieces to look like candy. Decorate it using the above-mentioned items. You may also take various colored clay and form a thick base representing a cake layer. On top of it, add multiple colored layers to make it more attractive. Again, decorate it, and feel free to let that artistic streak flow! 


7) A day-to-day used Snowman?

The magical materials you will need: Clothespins, Paint, Yarn, Pom-pom balls

The most unique masterpieces from the most available objects are such bliss while designing or crafting something right? One such activity is making a classic snowman art using clothespins. It’s simple, creative, imaginative, and of course available in abundance in our homes. Take a few clothespins and paint it white (it might need one or more coating). As it dries off, wrap it around yarn and make a knot. Make a pair of eyes, a smile. Stick and orange pom-pom balls to look like a nose. How amusing! You can make reindeers, Santa, and stars too! You can easily clip them up on your X-mas tree. Now the next time you use these clothespins, it will remind you of this unforgettable memory!


8) The Charm of the Reindeer

The magical materials you will need: Brown paper, Buttons, Glue, Popsicle stick

Who helps Santa Claus to deliver amazing presents to our homes? Reindeers! Why not appreciate them a little? This craft can be made simply and with the products easily available at your home. Cut out light brown paper in the shape of a cup. This will be the face of the reindeer. Take a look at how reindeer’s horns look through the internet or any magazine. Now on dark brown paper, make a similar outline of those horns together and cut them out. Also, cut out tiny semi-circular shapes to look like ears from the brown paper. Glue the horns and ears on the top and sides respectively. Take two white buttons and a red button and glue them as eyes and nose respectively. Take a marker and draw a cute smile on the animal’s face. Glue a popsicle stick on the bottom and tada! Our reindeer puppet is ready! 


9) Handprinted X-Mas Tree

The magical materials you will need: Brown paper, Buttons, Glue, Popsicle stick

Art and craft are all about getting beyond the ordinary and finding some variations. One such diversity is what we’re about to use in our next project. The output is what we must all be familiar with, X-mas tree! Take a few green colored papers. Let your child put his/her hand onto it and make an outline of the hand. Cut it out and repeat for about 15 cut-outs. Now on a sheet of paper, glue the first hand-print in a way that fingers point downwards. Similarly, glue two of them below the first and keep repeating it for all the prints. You will see how it all seems like an X-mas tree! Now take a huge star sticker and add it on the top. Take a few pom-pom balls, small mirror glitters, and decorate the tree, a great craft idea for your toddler.


10) Love Hard through Cards

The magical materials you will need: A4 sized paper, Paint, White woolen thread, Glue, Three black buttons, 

Cards are one of the most beautiful ways of expressing feelings. Hand-made cards elevate the level of care and intimacy even more! Take an A4 sized paper and fold it in half. On the outer page i.e. the front page, paint it red/maroon. On the top, add a few layers of white woolen thread or cotton. In the center, add three black buttons vertically (to represent Santa’s coat). Now for the belt! Cut out a medium-thick strip from black colored paper and glue it horizontally onto the card. To make it look prettier, glue thin strips of golden ribbon on top and bottom of this black strip. Gives us just Christmas vibes right! Now for the inside of the card, you can doodle up a X-mas tree, certain boxes of gifts, stars, etc. Make sure to jot down a sweet and loving message for your loved ones with this craft.


Christmas is literally a bang-on exit from the current year to the charm and prosperity of the next year.So, don’t hold back even a little bit! Let your Lil one jump into different adventures, sing out loud various Christmas parodies, and basically have a delightful time.

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