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Be a Better Parent!

You are good. You can be better.

Being a better parent transforms the future of your child. Just like any other skill, there are things we can learn in parenting too! The 10x Parent program gives you wings. Wings of an angel, wings of a guardian, wings that will help your child fly up high!

  • Personal mentor
  • 10 one to one consultations
  • Specific solutions and advice for your parenting challenges
  • Actionable tips to instantly see results
  • Transformational for you and your child for life!
Special early bird pricing! Just ₹5999 (Rs. 12999)
10X parent
10x Parent

This program is for you if:

  • You have a child less than 6 years old
  • You want to get personal assistance to support your parenting
  • You are looking to get solutions and actionable strategies to your parenting challenges

What would you achieve?

We promise you will have a better parenting experience after this program!

  • Answer to all the parenting questions that are worrying you
  • A better understanding and awareness of your own child.
  • Tips and tricks to help your child develop better.
  • Tips and tricks to make your parenting easier and delightful.


Personal Mentor
8 One to One Sessions
Tools and bonus material
Personalised for you

Topics Covered

Segment 1: Introduction

One to One Session one: Introduction and getting to know each other. Introspection, understanding the needs.

Segment 2: Standard Topics

  • One to One Session 2: Open communication with your child
  • One to One Session 3: Building a routine with your child
  • One to One Session 4: What is quality time and tips to find the quality time?
  • One to One Session 5: Positive interactions with your child. How can you do more?

Segment 3: Personalised Topics

One to One Session 6: Personalised topic 1 – Your choice of topic
One to One Session 7: Personalised topic 2 – Your choice of topic
One to One Session 8: Personalised topic 3 – Your choice of topic
One to One Session 9: Personalised topic 4 – Your choice of topic

Segment 4: Conclusion

One to One Session 10: Introspection, concluding with plans and changes for the long term.

Opt-in Topics
  1. Screen time: How much is too much? Controlling screen-time for your child
  2. Reading and writing readiness: Improving reading andwriting skills in your child – what can you do as a parent?
  3. Sing and read along: Using rhymes and stories to improve language skills in your child.
  4. Aggression: Handling aggression in your child the best way possible.
  5. Milestones; good / ok / bad?: Understand the learning and developmental stages of your child, better.
  6. Needs and wants: Finding the fine line between the ‘must have’ and ‘good to have’. What to give and what not to give.
  7. Social Interaction: Improving the social skills in children. Being friendly yet firm. Safety in society.
  8. Am I a good parent? Addressing your own guilty feelings. You can catch up!
  9. Math beyond numbers: Teach your children the ‘life skill’ of math, beyond just numbers.
  10. Becoming Self-reliant:  Developing independent functioning in children.

Featured Totto Mentors

Seema Anand - Totto Mentor

Seema Anand

15+ years experience in early learning, parent coaching, and mentoring.

Ramya Menon - Totto Mentor

Ramya Menon

10+ years in Early Learning. Ex Teach For India. Parent coach

Pavithra VS - Totto Mentor

Pavithra V S

Ex Teach for India, TISS. 10+ years in early learning and mentoring.

Special early bird pricing! Just ₹5999 (Rs. 9999)

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Questions you might have!

What is the 10X Parent?

The 10X Parent program is a parenting program, designed to help you be a better parent and  transform your child’s future. Just like any other skill, there are things we can learn in parenting too. The 10X parenting makes your parenting easier by giving you a personal mentor who would be guiding you towards better parenting.

How can I join the 10X Parent program?

The 10X program is holistic program offered by Totto Learning. You can sign up for the program here and start instantly.

How long is the program?

We have built the program for busy parents!

You and your mentor can work together and plan your one on one meetings. You are also provided continues assistance and evaluation from time to time

You can do all these at any time of your convenience!